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Jiangxi nanfeng oven Manufacturing Co Ltd has been established for nearly 10 years, specializing in the production of "Fung" brand (electric, gas) oven, oven electric resistance furnace. Company has powerful of non-standard heating equipment design manufacturing capacity, can in short time within design manufacturing out meet user various process requirements of heating equipment, including various oven, and industrial oven, and hot air cycle oven, and Taiwan car oven, and tunnel oven, and high temperature oven, and vacuum oven, and electric oven, and industrial oven, and electrode oven, and thermostat oven, and non-standard oven, and baking road, and dry box, heating drying equipment, high temperature dry box, hot air dry box, curing furnace, baking road, drying box, special large oven, products. Widely used in transformers, motors, electronics, friction, military, electronics, glass, c...

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